The objective here at Labs and Soccer is to identify, develop, and showcase the talent of our canine players. We provide specialized training with experienced dog coaches to help our dogs enjoy the game.

Our goal is to provide dog soccer teams in every city in the region to help build a stronger canine community and help these dogs perform at their best. Dogs can also participate in Human vs. Dog Soccer Games and enjoy the socialization and achievements they make.

We believe in the safety of gameplay and having our dogs on the field requires it. We provide only the most secure locations and groundwork for players – both human and dog – to enjoy the game.

When you play soccer with your dog, it becomes more than getting the ball moving. Once you get into that move, you can allow your talent to take over and reach new heights with your pup.

Currently, we are seeking the help from kids and teens ages 3 and above to help save more soccer loving dog’s lives.

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